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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 16, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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just moments away, we are expecting a commuter problems. >> drivers are bracing for a slow ride to work and school. we will have live team coverage. this special edition begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good tuesday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good morning. thank you for joining us. most schools are giving students some extra time. others are still close to the this morning. >> here is of the latest list.
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the complete list is scrolling at the top and bottom of your screen. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. will start with brian van de graaff. >> outside we do have some spots. there are slick. we do have some patches of light snow. you can see them. you can see them through the 95 corridor, a fairfax county, into fredricksburg. into the northern neck there is
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some light snow falling. over towards manassas, coming up 29 or 17, or route 1, you can encounter some light snow. it should dissipate. here is your forecast. we will be on limited sunshine. not a lot of sunshine. some gusty breezes. a hit or miss of snow here and there. nothing major. temperatures in the 30's. it does remain callmer. -- calmer. will continue the melting. t a lot of snow. we will get through it. today is the first day of the commute with the lanes that are not already cleared trying to get back to work. >> friday was horrible. i hope today shakes out to be
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nicer than friday was. it is not starting out on a good notes. 18-wheeler has turned over in college park. this is why. it is the outer loop ramp to 95 north that is closed. outer loop after the ikea. the right exit lamp that would take into baltimore. 18-wheeler has turned over. they are considering this a hazmat situation. 295 northbound to the web baltimore-washington parkway will work. you can continue your way. that is the easiest drive. you can go to the next exit, new hampshire avenue, rye and the rams to the inner loop and access northbound 95. -- ride the ramps to the inner loop. >> thank you. the region is bracing for
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what could be a terrible traffic tuesday. >> thousands of people are heading back to work and school. the measure area could bring the -- the metro area could be a crawl. >> we have been out talking with people. as far as main roads, vdot crews have done a good job. they have sent out 600 trucks to deiced roadways. crews were out in alexandria and arlington county trying to clear curb to curb. getting into this city, things could be dicey. it is finally back to work, back to the grind, and likely, back to greta light. >> i saw a lot of elbows being thrown. >> commuters are having
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nightmares on what it may look like on the roads. awful mounds of sw were blocking lanes. people can use public transit. many will get behind the wheel. >> about 1.7 million will be driving to wk. lanes are constricted. it will be massive gridlock. gridlock, gridlock, gridlock. >> you can probably say there is a plow truck. he just came by us on south arlington ridge road. the overpass on top of 395. he is spreading salt. people are on the lookout. sidewalks do remain covered in snow. many people might be walking in the roadways. be on the lookout for that,
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especially at bus stops. >> thank you. hundreds of thousands of motorists headed into the district today. all eyes will be on adrian fenty. this morning will be one of the biggest tests for the fenty administration. he says 90% of the presidential streets have been plowed. he is calling on residents to help clean out the sidewalk area. metro is anticipating regular weekday service. that may change depending on the road conditions. commuter buses are back to full service. mark trains will board on or platforms -- marc trains will board on platforms. it is time for the pothole patrol. two drivers fell victim to this.
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potholes near the kennedy center. we have received reports of many more, on the northbound ramp to new hampshire avenue from the beltway. we will have another live report from out on the roads. for a list of spots to avoid, log onto our website, most local students head back to class after more than a week off of school. slippery sidewalks and buried bus stops have some parents wondering if maybe it is too soon. stephen tschida is live in d.c. with that story. >> we are in northwest and most students in d.c. walk to school. this is what a lot of them will be encountering this morning -- snow-packed sidewalks. there are concerns across the region.
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newschopper 7 caught the work in progress. not only did crews cleared the grounds, they had to do the paths, too. parents are doing their part, shoveling sidewalks. some wonder whether it is the right time to resume class. >> is probably not a good idea. >> a lot of children will traversed ice-packed sidewalks. volunteers helped clear snow and ice. some worried about the track to school. >> the parking lot is clear. most of our kids are walkers. it will be treacherous. >> this is what some of these kids will have to deal with this morning. a lot of requests from officials and school administrators.
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if you have not shoveled at your wall, give these kids a break. >> thank you. snow-related problems are bigger in areas north of police say we're talking about frederick, maryland -- we're talking areas north of d.c. finding a place to park is difficult. workers have been struggling to clear a path for walkers. >> i have three daughters. i would not want my daughters walking on those sidewalks. >> you never imagined this much snow. >> after the epic blizzards, yesterday's snowfall was the last thing many residents wanted. they say they are looking forward to spring. >> it is just two weeks before march. we're getting close.
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the slow crawl into work has already started. we will check out the conditions in maryland. >> evan bayh says goodbye to life on capitol hill. democrats are reeling from his surprise announcement. >> some big problems along the beltway. a tractor-trailer overturned in college park. we will have the details coming up your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
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4:42. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with brian van de graaff. he is standing by with the latest on the weather. >> we do have some snow reported down to the south, in fredericksburg. heading up from 95 or route 1,
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you may be experiencing some snow. not a major deal. down here, you see on the radar parts of color that are brighter, the yellow, indicates more moderate snow from fredericksburg. there are some slick spots possible. gusty wind with a few flurries here and there. limited sunshine. it will be above freezing so we'll get some melting. let's say hello to lisa baden. >> i have received some calls from folks in the southern part of town because of slippery pavement that you're just describing blanketing the fredericksburg area. it will be a lengthy morning. this is in college park, maryland. this is 95 northbound ramp to
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baltimore. outer loop in college park, an overturned tractor trailer is on the exit ramp that would take you to laurel and baltimore. the beltway itself is open. coming into college park, those overhead electric signs, it tells you the exit ramp is closed ahead. for your dining and dancing pleasure, take 50 into annapolis to get to baltimore. used to 95 northund into baltimore. even new hampshire avenue and access the exit beltway north. you cannot exit the beltway from the outer loop source baltimore at the exit ramp because of an overturned 18-wheeler. >> thank you. 4:44. >> the latest from the winter
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games. we will take a look at the
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. 4:47. a lot of schools are giving students extra time to get into this morning. here is the latest list.
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the big story is the anticipated commuter crawl with schools back in session. this rush hour could be a repeat of fraud is a disastrous one. pamela brown continues our coverage of live all along the beltway connecticut avenue. >> there are already problems on the roads. there is an overturned tractor trailer on 495. we hope to bring you an update. this will compound the situation for commuters this morning. drivers hoping friday's commute will be a distant memory could be in for a repeat. snow removal crews are out in full force.
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trying to move snow and ice off the roads as washingtonians give back to work this morning. >> opened the lanes of. >> no matter how big the push, some maryland roads need to be widened. >> it is like a greyhound bus trying to squeeze through a needle. >> pavement is coated on many roads. it could mean a recipe for disaster. >> it will be horrible. >> they are doing what they can. there is a long way to go. >> already having problems on the roads. and overturned tractor trailer on 495. lisa baden will have an update for you. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 4:49. let's check in with lisa baden.
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what can you tell us about college park? >> they have been working about 40 minutes. and 18-wheeler turned over on the exit ramp. this is a live picture of the exit ramp completely blocked because of that incident. there are considering this a hazmat situation. i do not know if that is because of what they were carrying or because some fuel leaking. that would tell us how long this exit ramp is going to be closed, whether the tractor- trailer is empty or full. there are a lot of unknowns. 50 out to annapolis. it will be an interesting commute. i will give you a perspective by going over to the exit now. this is the ramp from the outer loop that would take you to 95.
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we put a snow plow because of what brian van de graaff is going to tell you now. >> take a look to the south where we're seeing some snow. moderate snow is being reported in the fredericksburg area, south of stafford. this is a western spotsylvania. just east of dale city. east of fredericksburg, head out route 3 and 17. we are seeing some returns of some moderate snow. over into southern maryland across the nice bridge. there could be some light accumulation. for the rest of us, minor flurries this afternoon. temperatures will be above freezing. let's take a look get some of the temperatures. 26 in gaithersburg. 27 downtown. theind will be a factor today.
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it feels like 17 right now in gaithersburg. the storm system continues to move on out of here. we have a bit of a breeze, some flurries. limited sunshine. the week does look fairly calm no major systems moving in. mid and upper 30's this afternoon. we will see some melting. the wind will start to diminish. we will be in the teens and 20's. we will push to near 40. we will keep temperatures near that 40-degree mark. saturday into sunday, a system will sweep on through. no major deal in looks like for now. temperatures should be around 47 this time of year. the best we can do is 41. we're on the cooler side. not too bad of the week.
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we will be back for more. it is our florida friday contest. we will choose a keyword search you can win on friday. stick around. >> thank you. some other news. evan bayh of indiana says he will not cseek reelection in the fall. >> i do not love congress. >> the bombshell decision has democrats reeling. he gave examples of senate dysfunction. seven republican co-sponsors of a bill to reduce the deficit wound up voting no for a bill they propose. there was a jobs plan that had republican support. the gop now has a shot of winning control of the senate. president obama will announce plans to break ground
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on some nuclear reactors in the state of georgia. president will make that announcement at a local headquarters where -- the new project will create 3000 construction jobs and 850 permanent jobs. news about the toyota recalled. the government is looking at whether 34 deaths are linked to sudden acceleration problems. complaints of deaths related to the problem have surged in the past weeks. toyota has recalled millions of vehicles. they are considering longer warranties and other incentives to attract customers back. the taliban's top military commander has been captured. mullah abdul ghani baradar has
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been in custody since last week. he was arrested in karachi to about 10 days ago. a taliban spokesperson has denied he has been captured. jury selection begins in rockville in a high-profile rder trial. renee bowman is accused of murdering two of her three daughters. she pleaded guilty to first- degree child abuse. she received a 25-year sentence on that charge. a man is in connection in conjunction with a woman found in lanham. a body was found in a car. a suspect was arrested soon afterwards. police believe with the woman died as a result of a domestic
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dispute. maryland and virginia had a game postponed because of some snow flakes. they played last night. there was a blowout. tim brant has the highlights. >> maryland exploded before intermission against virginia. they rebounded to punish the cavaliers. let's go to the comcast center. chris president obamacored 25 of his 30 points -- greivis vasquez scored 25 of as 30 points in the first half. the terrapins led by as many as 30 points. they go to 6-0 at home. it is the most lopsided season of the year for the cavaliers. gary williams was impressed. >> i think he wanted us to get off to a good start.
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he was focused. it was not easy to get ready to play this game. what he did the first half, that is as good as i've seen in the first half against a quality team. >> thank you. taking a look at the latest middle count from vancouver usa has 8 overall medals. germany has five. switzerland plays to win. they won three medals, all of them gold. coming up, part two of our series, in search of the perfect new york pizza. a new national chain makes their way. >> this is shaping up to be an awful commute. we're already seeing some big problems out on the roadways. a tractor-trailer has
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